Who does Familias de Corazón work with?

Familias de Corazón (FdeC) provides assistance to adoptive families in maintaining contact with the birth families of their Guatemalan-born children.  Currently we work with adoptive families who worked with Fide to find their child’s birth family.  

What if I searched with another searcher?

At this time we are only able to work with adoptive families where we have a pre-existing contact with the birth family.  If you worked with another searcher to find your birth family and would like to work with FdeC to maintain contact, while at this time we are not taking on new families, please reach out to us and when we are able to take on new families we can let you know.

Can I send money to a birth family via Fde C?

Adoptive families can send funds to pay for education and other assistance.  FdeC will use the funds sent to pay for the services requested.  FdeC cannot receive cash on behalf of birth families.  If you would like to send cash to your birth family this would need to be a direct transaction.  Please contact us and we can help with setting up a bank account for the birth family to receive funds and with notifying the family when funds are sent.

Are my donations to FdeC tax deductible?

At this time FdeC is a non-profit organization in Guatemala but no in the U.S.  Therefore your donations are not deductible at this time.  We are working on obtaining 501(c)3 non-profit status in the U.S. at which time certain contributions would qualify as tax deductible.

What does Familias de Corazón mean?

Familias de Corazón literally translated means Families of the Heart.  We chose this name for our organization as we often hear birth families in Guatemala refer to the adoptive families of children they have placed for adoption saying using this phrase.  It is a way of recognizing the special bond that adoptive and birth families share.