Our Mission

Familias de Corazón (Families of the Heart) is a Guatemalan-based non profit organization dedicated to fostering connections between adoptive families and the birth families of their Guatemalan-born children, and to providing educational, health and nutritional support to birth families in Guatemala.

Family.  There is nothing more important to any of us.  We gravitate to our loved ones at holidays and count on them in times of duress.  As children we take comfort in seeing ourselves reflected back at us in the faces of our parents and grandparents.  As adults we watch our kids grow up reasonably assured they will be educated, have access to medical care and never really know hunger.

But the story is not quite the same for our adopted children and their birth families.  Our adopted kids need to know where they come from. And we as adoptive parents want to provide them every opportunity to connect with their birth culture and families even though we may be terrified of what we will find and clueless on how to navigate this type of relationship.

This is where Familias de Corazón can help.  

Since 2007 the founders of Familias de Corazón have worked to help adoptive families find and connect with the birth families of their Guatemalan-born children.  To date we have helped over 200 families explore connections.  In 2015 we founded Familias de Corazón as a Guatemalan non-profit to continue this work and in 2016 we hope to extend our work as a U.S. non-profit.